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What its a holding

As a global company, Clearing & barter house is expanding through its own operations and a franchise and license model. By the end of the year, Clearing & barter house will operate online and offline in over 50 countries.
The Clearing & barter house group model allows business owners around the world to conduct business without using cash, but to pay with goods and services.
Businesses and ordinary consumers who use the Clearing & barter house's own digital currency, (C&B eur) as a way of spreading and conducting business, allows them to save cash, as well as move excess stock, replenish, optimize time for delivery and stay and increase their customer base through the unique and exclusive network of thousands and thousands of new customers looking for a new market for their goods and services.

It is not a bank within the meaning of the Financial Institutions Act. The use of the terminology for banks (if it is used and where it is used) is only an analogy, for easier perception of a new type of service called a settlement center, for the exchange of goods and services for goods and services.
It is not for direct barter, but for exchanging the values of these goods, which will allow the seller to get the desired goods from the thousands of members of the site, and not only the one offered to him by one buyer; in direct barter, the interests of the seller and the buyer rarely coincide, with us, through us you will always find an exchange of your good or service for the good or service you are looking for, as and when you use our own digital currency as an equivalent for both convenience and fairness better evaluation.


Members of this site earn virtual Clearing & barter euro/$/GBP for the goods and services they sell and this value is electronically recorded in the member's account database or goes towards repaying the credit the member may have used more accurately the advance payment he received.

We accept members from all over the world. Every day, hundreds of physical warehouses and stores shorten the distance and time for you to find suitable customers for their services and goods, or to spend the earned money in the most appropriate way.
If in the morning you earned money from selling services in Tokyo, after a while you will be able to spend it in America, then sell the goods and services bought in the USA again in Tokyo.