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With our platform, you'll have the ability to switch from one type of goods and service to another type of goods and service by utilizing a virtual payment system, "Clearing & Barter House", without the need for cash. Plus, receive a free bonus of up to 110.00 C&B Euros!

Attention: This is a Center for the Exchange of Goods and Services, utilizing the experience of Barter, Complex Barter, and Clearing Barter. This is not a Bank. This is a Unique Platform. This is your new life!

We are the only ones who buy all your goods and services. Sell us your product or service today!

It doesn't matter what you sell us, or what the quantity and volume of the goods or service are. We pay instantly, and you can spend your balance within minutes.

Start earning online! After a short registration, your virtual balance will increase hourly, and you can spend it instantly.

And the limit of your income is the sky and the horizon. For this purpose, we have created your own virtual currency!

C&B EUR is now here: your real equivalent of your goods and services! Give a good or service, but get a good or service that you need, not what they offer you.


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We Connect People! Fast, Efficient, Profitable!

Be resourceful and rational, successful and confident! Starting today, your skills, knowledge, and experience matter!

Your goods in your store are no longer just sitting there, but sold and paid for within 1 hour. Your services have orders for weeks ahead. Capitalize on everything - turn this site into your inexhaustible source of income 24 hours a day.

Sell to us, or our partners, sell to other site members.




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