Terms And Canditions

Terms And Canditions

Terms And Canditions


Terms and Conditions ……… ... BG

I. Subject
Art. 1. (1) These General Terms and Conditions are intended to regulate the relations between Clearing and Barter House Group Ltd., hereinafter referred to as a short supplier, and customers, hereinafter referred to
II. Provider data
Art. 2. (1) Information under the Consumer Protection Act regarding the Provider:
1. Provider name: "Clearing and Barter House Group" Ltd.
2. Headquarters and registered office: Sofia, Lozenets District, Vitosha Quarter, Emanuil Popdimitrov Str.
3. Address for the exercise of the activity and address for complaints from users: Sofia, …………………………
4. Entry in public registers: UIC207475083
(2) Supervisory bodies:
1. Personal Data Protection Commission
Address: Sofia, Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov ”№ 2,
tel.: (02) 940 20 46, Fax: (02) 940 36 40
e-mail: kzld@government.bg, kzld@cpdp.bg
Website: www.cpdp.bg
2. Consumer Protection Commission
Address: 1000 Sofia, 4A Slaveikov Square, fl. 3, 4 and 6,
tel.: 02/980 25 24, fax: 02/988 42 18
Hotline: 0700 111 22
Website: www.kzp.bg

III. Platform characteristics
Art. 3. Clearing & Barter House is a platform for an electronic barter to exchange goods/services values that will allow the countries to receive a coat from other members of the site using our own digital currency as an equivalent available on the Internet HTTPS: // www ................ through which users have the opportunity to conclude contracts for barter and delivery of the goods and services offered by the Provider in the platform, including:
1. to register and create a profile for viewing the supplier's e -shop and using the additional information for providing information;
2. to review the goods, their characteristics, prices and conditions for barter;
3. to conclude with the supplier contracts for barter and delivery of the goods offered on the platform …………………………….;
4. to make any payments in connection with the concluded contracts through the platform ……………… using electronic means of payment;
5. receive information about new goods and services offered by the Provider in the platform ……………………….;
6. to make electronic statements regarding the conclusion or execution of contracts with the Provider in the platform ………………. through the interface on the page of ………………, available on the Internet;
7. To be notified of the rights arising from law, mainly through the platform interface ………. in Internet;
8. To exercise their right of refusal, where applicable, under the Consumer Protection Act.
Art. 4. The supplier on the platform …………………. Organizes the delivery of the goods and guarantees the rights of the users provided for by law within the framework of good faith, the criteria and conditions accepted in practice, consumer or commercial law.
Art. 5. (1) The users conclude with the supplier on the platform ……………. The contract is concluded in Bulgarian and stored in the supplier's database on the platform.
(2) By virtue of the contract concluded with the users …………… .. of goods and services, the supplier on the platform ………. Users have the right to correct mistakes in the introduction of information no later than the statement of concluding the contract with the Provider on the platform ……………;
(3) The users shall pay to the supplier of the platform ………… a remuneration for the delivered goods, in accordance with the conditions set out in the platform ……………. And these General Terms and Conditions. The remuneration is the price announced in the platform …………… ..
Art. 6. (1) The User and the Provider in the Platform …………… agree that all statements between them, in connection with the conclusion and execution of the barter contract, can be made electronically and through electronic statements within the meaning of the law for the electronic document and the electronic signature and Art. 11 of the Electronic Trade Act.
(2) It is assumed that the electronic statements made by the users of the Site are made by the persons specified in the data provided by the User upon registration, if the User has entered the relevant name and password for access.

IV. Registration and use of ………………… ..
Art. 7. (1) In order to use ……………… for concluding contracts for barter of goods and services, the User should enter the selected name and password for remote access, which is considered to have accepted these General Terms and Conditions S
(2) The name and password for remote access shall be determined by the User by carrying out online registration on the Provider's website in the platform ………… .., in accordance with the procedure specified therein.
(3) When filling out your registration data, by clicking on the "Register" buttons, the User must also declare that he or she is familiar with these General Terms and Conditions, agrees with their content and undertakes to observe them unconditionally.
(4) The Provider confirms the registration made by the User by sending a letter to the email specified by the User. An account of the User is created and a contractual relations arise between him and the Provider.
(5) When registering, the User is obliged to provide correct and up -to -date data. The User is obliged to update the data specified in his registration in a timely manner.
(6) The User has the right to conclude contracts for a barter of goods and services and to use the platform …………………., Without registering.

V. Technical steps to conclude a contract of sale
Art. 8. Users use the interface on the supplier's page on the platform ………………….
Art. 9. Users conclude the contract for barter or purchase and sale of the goods in the platform ………… .. according to the following procedure:
Optional steps:
1. Registering in the platform ………… and providing the necessary data if the user does not have registration in the platform so far ……………….
2. Entry to the orders on the platform …………………., By identifying by name and password;
Required steps:
3. selecting one or more of the supplier offered by the supplier …………. Stems or services;
5. Provision of delivery data: address and delivery method; two names, email and contact telephone number (in case the user is not registered on the platform);
6. Choosing a method and time to pay the price;
7. Confirmation of the order.

VI. Contract content
Art. 10. (1) The Provider and Users shall conclude separate contracts for barter or the purchase and sale of goods and services stated by the users, even though they are selected by an electronic statement.
(2) The rights of the users, in connection with the delivered goods, shall be exercised separately for each contract for barter or sale. In the event that the User has the quality of a User within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act, the exercise of the right to waive the contract for barter or the sale of a particular goods, does not affect the contracts for the sale of other goods or services delivered to the consumer S
(3) The Provider shall be entitled, at its sole discretion, to refuse the execution of an order of a user, of which the Provider shall notify the User within an appropriate time without being obliged to indicate the reason for the refusal.
(4) The User shall have the right to refuse the delivery of goods from the Provider within 1 hour from the moment of the order for a barter to the User.
Art. 11. When exercising the rights under the barter or sale contract, the User is obliged to indicate the contract and the goods or the goods or the service in respect of which he exercises the rights.
Art. 12. The User pays a commission and a price for the individual contracts at one time, upon execution of the order.

VII. Special clauses against consumers within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act
Art. 13. The rules of this Section VII of these General Terms and Conditions shall apply only to users, for which, according to the data indicated at the conclusion of the contract for sale or registration in ……………. are consumers within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act, the Electronic Trade Act and/or Directive 2011/83/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 25 October 2011.
Art. 14. (1) The main characteristics of the goods offered by the supplier in the platform ………………… .. there is a place in the profile of each good or service in the platform ………………….
(2) The price of the goods, including all taxes and fees included, shall be determined by the supplier in the profile of each goods in the platform …………….
(3) Each promotion product is indicated by a special sign. The duration of promotions is determined by the supplier for each individual promotion, starting from the day indicated in the prices reduction message and valid to the date specified therein or to the exhaustion of the quantities, but for a period not longer than one month and not by -This from one working day.
(4) The value of the transport costs not included in the price of the goods shall be determined by the courier for delivery and shall be provided as information to the users when selecting the goods for the conclusion of the contract for sale.
(5) The methods of payment, delivery and performance of the contract shall be determined in these General Terms and Conditions and the information provided to the User through the mechanisms in the platform ………….
(5) The methods of payment, delivery and performance of the contract shall be determined in these General Terms and Conditions and the information provided to the User through the mechanisms in the platform ………….
(6) The ranking of users' suggestions, in response to their search, as well as their relative importance, compared to other parameters, is carried out by basic parameters, separated on the basis of new products, frequency of consumer demand, number of sales, popularity, The most visited products.
(7) The information provided to the users under this Article is current at the time of its visualization in the platform ……………… .., before the conclusion of the contract.
(8) Users agree that all the information required by the Consumer Protection Act can be provided through the platform interface ……… .. or e -mail.
Art. 15. (1) The User agrees that the Provider in the Platform ……… .. there is a right to accept an advance payment for the contracts for the Barter or the purchase and sale of goods and services concluded with the User.
(2) In case the value of the order of the User is equivalent or exceeding BGN 10,000, the payment shall be made only by transfer or deposit to the payment account of the supplier.
Art. 16. Legal guarantee. If there are defects in the goods you have purchased, the Provider will comply with all legal provisions on the guarantees. The User has the right, in the event of obvious defects related to the material or the production of the goods he has received, including damage arising from transportation, to notify the Provider by filling out a product return form, without delay and in accordance with the conditions of the policy of repair, return and replacement.
Art. 17. (1) With respect to goods that are not consumers and fall within the scope of the Consumer Protection Act in the part of the distance contracts, the User has the right without owing compensation or penalty and without giving a reason to refuse of the contract concluded within 14 days from the date of acceptance of the goods by the supplier, through the form for returning the products available here. Information on the exercise of the right of refusal is available in "Annex 2 - InfoMitia, the exemplary of the extent of the extent of these General Terms and Conditions". For all other goods, the consumer is entitled to refuse within 1 hour from the time of the order of the Stocka.
(2) The right to refuse para. 1 does not apply in the following cases:
1. for the supply of goods which, by their nature, can impair their quality or have a short shelf life;
2. for the delivery of sealed goods that have been printed after delivery and cannot be returned for reasons related to hygiene or health protection;
3. For the delivery of goods that, after being delivered and due to their nature, have mixed with other goods from which they cannot be separated.
(3) When the User has exercised his right of withdrawal from a distance contract, the Provider reimburses all the amounts received by the User, including the cost of delivery, without unjustified delay and not later than 14 days from the date on which he was Notified of the User's decision to withdraw from the contract. The Provider reimburses the amounts received by using the same payment tool used by the User, unless the consumer has explicitly consent to the use of another payment tool and provided that this is not related to the costs of the User.
(4) In the exercise of the right of refusal, the costs of returning the delivered goods shall be deducted from the refund amounts, except in cases where the consumer organizes himself and at his own expense the return of the goods. The Provider has no obligation to reimburse the additional costs of delivery of the goods when the consumer has explicitly chose a method of delivery of goods other than the cheapest type of standard delivery offered by the supplier.
(5) The consumer is obliged to store the goods received by the Provider and to ensure that their quality and safety preserve during the term under para. 1
(6) When the Provider has the right to retain the payment of the amounts of the consumer until he receives the goods or until the consumer has provided proof that he has sent the goods back, depending on which of the two happened earlier.
VIII. Contract
Art. 18. (1) The Provider shall execute orders within the terms and prices in accordance with the terms of delivery available on the platform …………….
(2) If the term under para. 1 is not explicitly agreed between the parties at the conclusion of the contract, the Provider organizes delivery and delivery within a reasonable time. If the Provider fails to organize the delivery within the specified period, the latter is obliged to notify the User in advance.
(3) If the User is not present at the specified delivery address by the courier, then the User agrees with the courier to make the delivery at another hour, with the User must pay extra the value of the delivery fee and all other expenses related to the original order, if any such;
(4) Upon refusal of an order by the User, which has been paid through the online payment method and if the order is refused before its execution, the whole of the resources are the resource.
Art. 19. (1) The User must inspect the goods at the time of delivery and delivery and if he does not meet the requirements to notify the Provider in the platform ………………….
(2) If the User does not notify the Provider in the platform ……………………. 1 the goods shall be considered approved as compliant with the requirements, except for hidden defects.

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(3) For security reasons for the personal data of the users, the provider in the platform ……………….
(4) The supplier in the platform ……………… has the right to store data in the User's final communication device, unless the latter explicitly expresses his disagreement.
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Art. 21. At any moment, the supplier on the platform ……………….
X. Amendment and Access to Terms and Conditions
Art. 22. (1) The present sites may be amended by the Provider, of which the latter will notify all registered users in an appropriate manner.
(2) The Provider and the User agree that any supplement and change of these all conditions will have effect against the User in one of the following cases:
1. Following his explicit notification by the Provider and if the User does not declare within the 14-day period given to him that he rejects them or
2. After their publication on the Provider's website and if the User does not state within 14 days of their publication that he rejects them or
3. With their explicit acceptance by the User through his account in the platform ……………………
(3) The User agrees that all statements of the Provider, in connection with the amendment of these General Terms, will be sent to the e -mail address specified by the User at the registration. The User agrees that the e -mails sent in accordance with this Article do not need to be signed with an electronic signature in order to have action against it.
Art. 23. The Provider publishes these General Terms and Conditions at https: //wwww................/terms, together with all additions and amendments to them.
Art. 24. These General Terms and Conditions and the User's contract with the Supplier are terminated in the following cases:
1. upon termination and declaration of liquidation or declaration of bankruptcy of one of the parties to the contract;
2. by mutual agreement of the parties in writing;
3. in case of objective inability of one of the parties to the contract to fulfill its obligations;
4. in case of deletion of the User's registration in the platform……………….. In this case, the concluded but unfulfilled sales contracts remain in force and are subject to execution.
Art. 25. The Provider has the right at its discretion, without giving notice and without paying compensation, to unilaterally terminate the contract, in case it finds that the User is using the platform ……………….in violation of these General Terms and Conditions, the legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria , generally accepted moral standards or generally accepted rules and practice in electronic commerce.

Art. 26. The User undertakes to indemnify and indemnify the Provider against legal claims and other claims of third parties (whether justified or not), for all damages and costs (including attorney's fees and court costs) arising from or in conjunction with :
(1) failure to fulfill any of the obligations under this contract,
(2) infringement of copyright, production rights, broadcasting rights or other intellectual or industrial property rights,
(3) illegal transfer to other persons of the rights granted to the User, for the term and under the terms of the contract and
(4) false declaration of the presence or absence of the status of consumer within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act.
Art. 27. The supplier is not responsible in case of force majeure, accidental events, Internet problems, technical or other objective reasons, including orders of the competent state authorities, which objectively prevent the execution of the contract.
Art. 28. (1) The Provider is not responsible for damages caused by the User to third parties.
(2) The Provider is not responsible for property or non-property damages, expressed in lost benefits or suffered damages, caused to the User in the process of using or not using ………………..and concluding purchase and sale contracts with the Provider .
(3) The Provider is not responsible for the time during which the platform was not available due to force majeure or other objective circumstances over which the Provider has no control.
(4) The provider is not responsible for damages from comments, opinions and publications under the products, news and articles on the platform…………………….. The provider reserves the right to control and verify the origin of user opinions, as well as not to post/restrict such user comments that are against good manners.
Art. 29. (1) The supplier is not responsible in case of overcoming the security measures of the technical equipment and this results in loss of information, dissemination of information, access to information, restriction of access to information and other similar consequences.
(2) The Supplier shall not be liable in the event of the conclusion of a sales contract, provision of access to information, loss or change of data occurring as a result of false identification of a third party posing as the User, if the circumstances can believes that this person is the User.

Art. 30. Intellectual property rights on all materials and resources located on the Provider's platform (including available databases) are subject to protection under the Copyright Act and related rights, belong to the Provider or to the relevant person who granted the right to use Provider, and cannot be used in violation of current legislation.
Art. 31. All content located on the platform, including all published texts, images, photos, video materials, articles, program code, are copyrighted. They belong to the Provider and are protected by the Copyright and Related Rights Act. The user has no right to copy, store, process, publish, distribute in original or revised form, as well as use in any other way the texts, images or other parts of the content of the platform.
Art. 32. All proprietary and non-property copyrights in the Platform, including but not limited to design, logos and other graphic elements, software, program code and functionalities, working materials and demo versions, belong to the Provider and the Provider owns the copyrights in the Platform, as well as on all its elements and components, know-how for all activities and functionalities related to the platform. The provider also owns the platform domain with all possible extensions. Copying and using them directly or indirectly (for example, but not limited to, meta tags