Interpretation of Terminology used on the sites

Interpretation of Terminology used on the sites

Interpretation of Terms used on the site!

Virtual currency C&B EUR
This is virtual money, equivalent to your goods and services; We try our best that every virtual EURO is backed by a good or service.

One of or perhaps the oldest form of trade.
This is a simple exchange of goods and services, familiar to you even from children's books.

Clearing is better known as a financial house, in our case it is just a very complex multi-level barter. Clearing in trade (from the word cleaning) gives an opportunity to clear the shortcomings of ordinary barter.

Clearing Barter
This is a center for complex exchange of goods and services. In our case, using the modern online possibility to offer and exchange goods, without the need for physical contact with the counterparty. Thus, you maintain or even increase your competitiveness. clearing of goods and services, through a complex multi-level barter, but now available and suitable not only for professionals.

Barter&Clearing house
House for exchange and cleaning of;
  Outdated goods and services, of new goods and services, of excess goods and services, of seasonal goods and services? Shall I continue?

Franchising Franchising
our co-operation performance;Locally you are more competitive especially with our platform;better to work together.Also it is not very easy for us to control or participate in the management of our branch in London for example.
Hmm, London, we in Mladost can't control and help if we don't have partners, let alone abroad: It might not be franchising, but under a contract for joint activity, for example.
we think that the form is the most suitable for joint work, but whatever we call it, we need partners who share with us the minuses and pluses of using our platform. Consortium or Holding is also an option, but all forms of cooperation , require, suggest different possibilities for you: We always proceed from your possibilities and interests, we will adapt to them.