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Хм,не знам… има много за четене, а хората масово не обичат дълго да четат. Но то пък няма как да се обясни с две думи.
Ето какво казват нашите клиенти,които самостоятелно са стигнали до този извод:ние просто не можем да обясним такъв уникален проект с малко думи.Ако вие можете,ще ви бъдем благодарни да ни подскажете как.
Note: while you spend your money and buy the desired good or service, we aim to sell your goods that you have left in the warehouse, which serves both as collateral and at the same time as the right to sell. And again note: if you do not spend your virtual balance in the store, you can always get the goods back without paying any storage or service costs. And note once again: if you do not spend the amount in your virtual balance, you can immediately get its equivalent from the warehouse or from any warehouse of our partner product or service.
And finally note: if you use the amount equivalent to your goods left in the warehouse, you do not pay any additional costs, whatever they are called:
A, yes: if you have bought a product that does not meet your expectations, remember: you can always come to the warehouse, deposit it or sell it to us and use the virtual equivalent again to buy another product; and so on for a day, an hour for an hour, using the platform to find your partners and the place, and to develop your own direction, which is only yours.
Perpetuum mobile, pyramid?
We have estimated that 5% a thousand times a day, per hour, is more than 100,000 blouses in the warehouse; agree, personally, I, the owner of the platform, want to answer this question;
One charged amount per user in 100 euros, which day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute year after year is transferred from one user to another and everyone pays 5%, only when they make a purchase, gives us more opportunity and profit, than making a pyramid.
But also, those who understand trade will confirm; a pyramid with goods and services is impossible; have you heard that someone promised and received a haircut or a taxi service 1000 times, but he didn't do it?
I personally don't expect anyone to bring 1 million sneakers to the warehouse, but 1 million users of 1 pair per year, relatively speaking, I'm sure it's real.

The creation of the site is aimed at increasing and improving your sales, by facilitating and correct communication with new customers, a new unique method, selected approaches and information necessary for your customer.

  Anyone who is interested in buying/exchange goods, services, and in the future to receive crypto in exchange for their goods, respectively, who wants, decides to receive cash immediately, if the current price suits him or to invest in future expected profit .
How do I get a bonus and secure my investment?

In addition to the 100% bonus for purchasing our token, right now when you offer your goods for sale through the platform, you will receive another €110 bonus for the first 5 offers of goods or services.
You don't have to sell goods to get the €110 bonus, all that matters is that you provide them. Please note that fake or formal product offers will be ignored, as we have a vested interest in seeing your services and goods sold through the platform. This applies to you personally as well: any extra goods in your home or store will be able to be turned into money. You get the opportunity to buy something else that you can use at home or sell further in your store or warehouse!What opportunities you can take advantage of:
Buying tokens for various transactions:

Buying tokens by exchanging your bonus on the platform for tokens. You will get +100% bonus and 110 euros for registration.
So if you buy $100 worth of tokens, you will have over $300 tokens on your balance.
Getting CXB on the platform by selling your services or goods and exchanging them for tokens or real estate-backed securities.
Buying tokens with other cryptocurrencies or fiat money (USDT, BTC, etc.).
Exchanging tokens or your other cryptocurrencies for virtual currency on a platform linked to the euro exchange rate. This way, you can exchange them back where and when you need or benefit from them.
Buying securities also provides security for your cryptocurrency investment.
Using tokens for your current needs:
Buying goods and services on our platform.
Transferring tokens to other participants in the network.
Receiving tokens from other participants.
Investing tokens:
Investing in the platform betting for profit.
Buying and selling bonds to generate regular income.
Buying options on future deliveries of goods or services.
Investing in opening branches and franchise outlets of our platform to profit from their operations.
Obtaining a free partnership or franchise and applying for a joint venture to open a branch of our platform / clearing center for mutual settlements.
Reselling it all to your partners or acquaintances at a profit.

Are you authorized to sell securities?

First, we don't sell them, and our members can offer anything that is authorized by law.
Second, for the time being, we are only talking about those securities that each individual or legal entity can issue: a promissory note, sometimes called a promissory note, a bond, a share in a consortium, and other documents issued in accordance with the law that serve as a loan guarantee or secure an investor in a project.

How are CXB virtual cryptocurrencies and CXB Tokens secured?

Your virtual funds are secured by the goods that you sell to us or our franchise partners or keep for sale. Virtual C&B EUR represent the equivalent value of the goods you have valued yourself or with us. This is a unique opportunity for you to work with your money at the price you want while your goods are slowly selling if left on consignment.
Imagine an artist who paints 10 beautiful paintings a month but only sells one. With us, he can get an equivalent amount for the remaining 9 and use it until his paintings are sold. However, if he sells them to us, he keeps the amount received to use immediately.
This is not a loan. It is a unique system of clearing barter.
We put into circulation as much virtual money as is backed by goods or services. The market price of the goods accepted by the warehouse or franchisee provides liquidity when they are sold.
Cryptocurrency CXB Tokens are backed by the added bonus and guaranteed exchange for CXB for future purchase of goods, services or investments. By purchasing a real estate backed security, you provide liquidity at a high price. Invest the bonus in securities, invest the token in a bet, don't miss the moment to sell your tokens or bonds, convert or exchange them for new investments or tokens.

How do you bring together companies from all over the world?

We are the platform! We are the foundation! We are the global center, the world's virtual service. We are the starting point for everything!
We will bring together all the existing companies in the world so that they can use us as a platform, as a foundation, and as a result we can participate in any business without cost and hassle.
For them, for you, we are the solution wherever a lever is needed, a highway - step by step, sequentially, as a form, a foundation for you / for them: we have built a global crossroads from where everyone can change direction, but already on the road, instead of driving through fields, across fields, not being sure if he will come out on the road.
After all, he who drives straight ahead, without distance (actually time) indicators, is not sure and does not have a base for calculating all the indicators on the basis of which he will surely correctly calculate what he has laid down for calculation, and will not limit and wait until a sufficient condition arises to make a decision - in two words, he will not wander in the field by himself.......
We will simply bring him to the crossroads, or even better, if he is already there and pondering where to go next.
With our help, he will be able to properly assess where to go, and also, why not in several directions at the same time.
At least you will have another solution to the problem, choice gives you a chance to succeed, if there is no choice, you have only one option, to gamble on all or nothing, on risk.
Clearing barter is a way of exchanging goods and services without the use of money. The more goods and services a person can offer, the better. In clearing barter, money is not the only important thing. Our platform and system allows people to get what they need in exchange for what they already have.

What is clearing in trade?

In trade, clearing is necessary because the speed of transactions is much faster than the time to complete the underlying transaction and is not known to all participants in the subsequent barter, but only to one or a group. (Complex barter, clearing barter).
Clearing in trade (from the word "clearing") eliminates the disadvantages of conventional barter.
For example:
(a) unequal valuation (the famous horse-for-chicken exchange), etc;
b) The first sender always runs the risk of receiving goods of unequal price or quality;
c) In trade clearing, there is a division of value.
With the sophisticated barter exchange that our platform offers, you will get the coveted equivalent of your goods.

What is a smart contract?

 It is a program with a unique address on the network whose purpose is to receive, store, and distribute funds sent to that address.
The programmer's job is to write the logic of this program so that it disburses funds when it should and to whom it should, and does not disburse when it should and should not.
We use an elaborate smart contract architecture to automate the clearing and bartering processes. Jobs are automatically executed when certain conditions are met, ensuring reliable and accurate settlements. Participants can connect to our smart contracts and use them in their transactions.

I am in the process of purchasing tokens on a pre-sale for $100. Can I transfer them to another user right away or do I need to wait for unlocking?

Yes, you can. But we've already talked about the fact that you can use some of the tokens or bonus tokens to buy goods or securities. This will reduce the load on the token, increase our credibility, and you will immediately get liquidity, investment security, and high current yield. Don't forget that you can sell goods and receive cryptocurrency for investment and reinvestment 24 hours a day.

Can I send tokens to steaking right now without waiting for unlocking?

No, only after the pre-sale is over, as we are giving out big bonuses during the pre-sale phase!

How do I get the bonus - do I go to the site and get the tokens to my address or do I get the bonus tokens immediately after purchase?

You have 4 bonus tokens:
20% bonus tokens for pre-sale purchases.
100% for the same amount you bought from CXB (you need to register and send an email to confirm you bought the tokens).
For registering on the site you will receive a 10 euro bonus in CXB.
For listing the first 5 products or services on the site you will get 100 euros (you don't have to sell them to get the bonus, but they must be real, not fictitious, not fake or counterfeit).
1. Barter is an economy.
By paying for advertising with your goods or services, you will definitely save money. . You don't need to allocate an additional budget, but a product or service that you always have at your disposal.
2. The blogger can get paid directly for your product or service and will tell their subscribers about it "no cuts".
The blogger gets your product and content creation elements, and you advertise at the price of your product, which has a stake in profit, but which you always have in stock.
3. The blogger can get paid in Virtual Money, which you received from selling your product or service to a third party. This means that he does not necessarily need to accept your product or service. With his virtual money, he will buy whatever he needs.
Barter is a personal experience. Personal experience is a classic influencer marketing mechanic.
You can give a bonus advance C&B EUR at the beginning of the month, and if your employee uses part of the advance, you will deduct this amount in whole or in part from his salary. And with us, you will pay with the barter service you perform. Since the service will probably it is carried out by the same employee who spent a part of his salary in C&B EUR in advance with us, then you can stimulate him with a bonus.
The money spent by him is virtual money, you will pay for a product or service in which your profit is already staked, so both your employee will always have money available if he needs it, and he will earn it himself.
But as you know, bonuses can be used as an expense, so you will increase your employee's salary significantly, and it will not cost you anything.
Your virtual bet will ensure your security from the stock, which you will not sell or leave on consignment for sale.
Virtual c&b eur sa equivalent, for the price of the stock, some of them were assessed independently or jointly with us and for a unique opportunity and work with your bet, for the required price, for the stock of the stock and also selling everything.
Imagine this artist, who painted 10 beautiful paintings for a month, and selling it itself 1. With us, you can still pay 9 more and get the equivalent in the sum, and yes si gi grub, until the painting is sold to us; , then it is irrevocably located with the sum.
Tova is not a credit. Tova is unique clearing barter.
Suitable goods for barter are:
- gadgets;
- accessories;
- furniture;
- jewelry;
- clothes and shoes;
- food;
- cosmetic services;
  - catering services;
- car service;
- building materials;
- books;

- information products;
- digital tools;
- personal services;
- car dealers;
- elite expensive goods;
- services without a material result;


- accounting and auditing;
- accounting services;
- psychological services;
- highly specialized products;
- career consultants;
- HR consulting;
- complex IT products;
- legal services;
- any other B2B services;

personal services
digital tools
services without material result

and many others listed here, maybe you will offer yours to complete the list?
All products and services are prohibited from the law, including pornography, advertising, violence, technical proposals, Islam and theft, sales of theft and illegal products,
Cooperation with barter bloggers.

Cooperation with barter intermediaries & commission agents.

Cooperation with investors.

Cooperation with crypto owners.

Cooperation with software companies.

Cooperation with various services.

Cooperation with wholesale stores and warehouses.

Cooperation with anyone who has free time, resources, excess goods, is looking for a replacement, but has no free money.

You can help us answer these questions here soon as well.


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