What our customers say about us

What our customers say about us!

Ivan P. May 21, 2023

I'm not poor, but with our store prices and the quality of these things, I'm comfortable second hand. I exchanged unnecessary household appliances here for a maintained Opel, which I can now exchange for something more valuable)) It turned out clever!)
Good service


  Hristo Stavrev: June 4, 2023

Very convenient barter service, I used it on this barter site and I am happy with the result. I exchanged 4 things in a short time. Great barter!

  Very convenient barter service!

Mariana: June 1, 2023

A very unusual and interesting barter idea. I decided to give it a try here on the barter site and I didn't regret it. The exchange went very quickly, everyone agreed in 30 minutes, for which I especially thank the site for the convenient service.

Interesting idea

Nikolay Minev

   May 27, 20123

I registered on the Clearing and Barter house group platform only a month ago, but I have already been able to appreciate its advantages. I liked the fact that the site determines the level of trust for each participant and the rating of his participation in transactions, that is, I see which goods have already been purchased, I see the trust rating for the participant, which saves time. I see my transactions in real time, I can be I write with other users without knowing my phone number and address,

I appreciated the benefits!


Vladimir Lashev May 29, 2023

The barter platform barter is a simple and convenient tool for performing commercial operations, with the help of which it is possible to solve your problems.


Bright: May 22, 2023

An excellent and easy site to find new customers for your goods through barter. Clear navigation, ability to communicate, wide range of barter services.

  Great and simple site

Ivan Parfenov May 25, 2023

Traded a few goods for a service advertising the store on a billboard in town. It turned out to be very profitable and without material costs.

I have a little coffee: I accept a little virtual money in exchange for coffee and sandwiches, I use them to teach my son English, and we go to a restaurant with my wife every week. I pay 5 BGN commission and the rest to barter. God bless the one who has it invented to be for a long time.

Worthy of Nobel!

Angelina from Canada May 29, 2023

Yes, it's understandable.
It looks very good, is well constructed and easy to navigate.

Yes, it's understandable!

   Panda_London : 29 May 2023

How can we use a site from London?

Ah, I more or less understand what the job is, for example, I put a product on the site

Interesting idea, very convenient service!

Chris, I got it all. When we meet you can test me to make sure. After all, barter deals are your favorite, and for so many years there is no way to be near you... I understand your point. It seems accessible to me, but there seems to be too much information... I don't know... there is a lot to read, and people don't like to read for a long time they read. But it cannot be explained in two words.

Still, barter deals are your favorite!


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