Scheme and options for working with us


-------------------------------------------------- ---------Option A --------------------------------------- ---------------

1. The customer comes to the warehouse, you offer us a bicycle.
2. The bicycle is valued at approximately 100 euros, I sign a contract, the customer receives 100 c&b euros on the site as the equivalent of his goods.
3. If he has not registered, he registers on the spot: he receives information and instruction, and training on how to use the system and the platform.
4. In order to use his virtual money, he must pay our 5% commission for using our platform and scheme of work, so that the virtual money is charged to him as "Ready for use", that is, cash or for use. If he has not paid 5% / around BGN 10 in cash or with a card, the system will charge him 100 pending c&b euro, i.e. "pending" payment of 5%. In this case, he will have the amount of his balance, but will not can pay until he pays the commission for using the site.
-Five (5%) is paid in cash at the warehouse or online through the options offered by our partners: visa, mastercard, paypal, revolut, crypto, others.
5. The customer enters the site on the member page and searches for a suitable product or service by criteria, city, street, price, other criteria. The site can also be accessed via phone.
6. When the customer/member/ finds a suitable product or service, he writes an offer to this member who offers it and describes his offer. For example: I offer 50 c&b euro for hair dyeing (hairdressing services), I agree at any time of the week, but after 6:00 p.m.
7. The customer receives an answer: for example (Friday at 18:30, but with the condition that you pay for the hair dye, which is 10 euro per piece, and 40 c&b from the site.)
8. The customer answers for example - I agree, I transfer you 40 c&b euro, 10 euro in cash I will pay on the spot and confirm an appointment for Friday at 18:30: should I pay? When the answer is "yes" /confirm/ - the client pays 40 c&b euro from his virtual account on the site (transfers to the hairdresser's virtual account); there is already a balance of 60 c&b euro.

*Important*: during the transfer, the system will ask him where he will transfer 5%, from the cash balance, or if there is not enough, he will have to make a deposit.
If, upon receiving his balance from a sale or bonus, he has already managed to pay the preliminary commission, the system will not request payment of 5%.

9. the hairdresser receives a virtual 40 c&b euro, but cannot immediately spend it until he has performed the service. During the performance of his service, he also receives 10 euro in cash for the agreed cash payment for the hair dye.
10. the hairdresser performs the service, the customer confirms that the service has been performed, now the hairdresser can spend the virtual 40 c&b euro immediately, provided that he has paid 5% in advance or will pay during his purchase.

If he wants to transfer 40 c&b euros to someone, the system will ask for 5% (2.00 euros) to deposit them or tell where to get them (it would be good for each member to deposit at least BGN 20 in cash so that there is no delay during the period and to take them automatically from the cash balance, and there will be no extra commissions for each new deposit, especially for such small transfers of up to BGN 5-10.)
- naturally, this deposit can be used immediately, and the 5% deduction from the balance is technically an accounting moment.
11. *Important* every customer can receive a virtual invoice, it is intended, for this purpose, simply check the box at checkout - I want an invoice.

12. You can sell goods and services to us every hour, and use virtual money to pay with other members;

13. You can do the same with other members and repeat it many times every day, hour, minute.
------------------------------------------Option B------ -------------------------------------------------- ----------

1. A customer registers, but has not been to the warehouse, has a bike and wants to sell it. The customer starts offering his bike to other customers to buy it (describes it, offers a price and condition). He announces a price of 100 euro. After someone bought it and transferred him 100 c&b euro he sent the bike to the buyer.
After the buyer has received the bike and confirmed that he received the bike under the agreed conditions without claims, by pressing the confirm button, the Customer will now be able to use 100 c&b euro, because they are already in confirmed status.
2. Only after confirmation by the buyer, his money is already in the state of confirmed (cash, ready for use)
3. The customer is looking for where to spend part or all of the amount.
*Example*He writes a letter to a restaurant that he wants to celebrate his wife's birthday, offers 100 c&b euro, for Friday 19.00, the payment can be made in full with 100 c&b;
The restaurant confirms the payment entirely in virtual money, except for alcoholic beverages.

The customer agrees, but cannot transfer his virtual balance until he pays a 5% commission to the site, regardless of whether his virtual balance is cash.
- his actions - he makes a deposit, minimum 5 euro. This is 5% of the transfer amount, in the case of 5 euro.

- the client agrees to the offer at the restaurant, pays 100 c&b euro to the restaurant, pays a 5% commission on the site, notifies the restaurant of the payment, receives confirmation that they are expecting him, the client celebrates a birthday, pays as agreed additionally for the alcohol in cash if he consumed alcohol at all.
The restaurant can now spend its virtual money.
A user can never spend his balance before he has received confirmation from the buyer that he has no claims and before he has paid a 5% advance commission on the site: during payment, a separate window opens for the cash commission amount and for the amount in c&b euro. The amount of cash is deducted from your cash balance where you deposited with real money and it is used only for transfer and commission payment. In case you have unused cash, you can order them for payment back to you.
for this purpose it is necessary
Attention, important: A customer-seller can never spend the money before he has received confirmation from the buyer, so calmly go to the restaurant until you are convinced that you have received the service, the table is reserved, the order is accepted, do not confirm the payment, the amount of 100 c&b euro will remain with the restaurant "pending" until your confirmation; naturally, before you confirm, make sure that at least part of the food is already on the table. The restaurant cannot spend the money before you confirm, thus the interests and of our two members, are matched and guaranteed.
All unsettled issues between clients are resolved between themselves, but in case of impossibility, contact us; for this purpose, we need to have the entire correspondence between clients, and even better, to have more information.
as we have already mentioned, we are interested in always deciding that the wolf is full and the lamb whole, so there will hardly be any unresolved issues, especially if there is a desire from all parties to continue working with us.
--------------------------------------------Option C---- -------------------------------------------------- -------------

A wholesale customer signs a contract with us for a joint activity worth 1 million euros for the supply of goods to our Mutual Payment Center, our Center for the Exchange of Goods and Services, our clearing barter platform.
The wholesale customer receives immediately upon signing the contract 1 million C&B EUR on the account on the online site, which are secured by the goods.
The amount charged to the client has the status of "pending". Only the amounts actually delivered to a warehouse, our partner, or to a third party, agreed in a separate annex (for example, another warehouse or store part of this contract) are transferred to the status of "confirmed" ", "cash" and can be used to pay with other customers. In other words, only virtual money backed by goods can be spent through us, thus we guarantee that transactions and amounts are secured: in circulation on the platform, as much virtual money, insofar as it is backed by goods and services; This is how we differ from crypto currencies, which we treat very well, but we do not want you to confuse us; WE ARE NOT A CRYPTOCURRENCY. WE ARE NOT A FINANCIAL INSTITUTION.
We are a center for the exchange of goods and services, using newer, modern, innovative and know-how exchange methods.
We or our partners sell the goods: through the customer's warehouse (as there is only a small part of the goods), we sell the goods through our distributors, through the store network with which we have a contract to accept our gift cards.
   The wholesale customer can use the received virtual money to credit their employees or partners;
Example: they can transfer certain amounts, for example 1000C&B euro to their employees, to workers, to a company that builds it, let's say a store (in turn, a construction company transfers to its employees and workers. If their employee during a period of time, for example 30 days, he used part of the credit that the company provided him, against a guarantee of a future salary, let's say 200 c&b euro, of this amount, the Employer may not pay the salary in cash, since it has already been received by the employee.
The employer can deduct not the entire amount of 200 euros, but let's say 100 euros, because he is paying us or the other counterparties with a product or service where sometimes a profit of 500% is guaranteed. Thus, he aims to stimulate them to use the credit , and they have the opportunity to use the money before they receive their monthly remuneration; not to mention that the Employer can link their work with bonuses in virtual money, the payment of which again depends on their work.
For example, perform a service for this company, in or out of working hours, and from the 200 euros you spent, I will deduct 50% or the entire amount, and your salary will remain in full + 200 bonus.
----------------------------------------Option D--------- ----------------------------------------------

A client from Canada wants to visit Bulgaria and pay to barter a visit to a hotel in an off season, for example Bansko in September.
The client from Canada registers, offers goods and services that he has, can deliver, and also sees on the site that services in Canada and goods for export-import are wanted.
Client from Canada: Received a positive response from written proposals to many clients, including from Canada or USA and BG.

A client from Canada performs some service or possibly delivers some goods to relatives from Bulgaria at a location in Canada.
example: a client from Bulgaria has a balance and transfers 1000 euros to the Canadian client, and the Canadian client undertakes to deliver furniture for someone close to the client from Bulgaria. After confirmation that he has conscientiously fulfilled the obligation, his balance is confirmed.
A customer from Canada can send goods directly to the hotel in Bansko:
Example 2: from his home goods store in Canada he sends glasses, plates and so on for 1000 euros (let's say luxury) to the hotel in Bansko, why not 1 painting for 1000 euros, which he bought through us from a Bulgarian artist in exchange for 1 week for the artist to use his apartment during a visit to Canada. The hotel receives the goods and confirms, transfers the agreed amount;
Customer from Canada Receives a verified balance, can transfer to virtual accounts of other members, users or new customers of the site.
A client from Canada sends a letter, an offer to a hotel in Bansko (members of our site), it is agreed to pay for example 100% in C&B euro or it is possible 20% cash and 80% c&b euro.