What is a Holding?

A holding company is a vertical form of association of commercial companies, and its creation does not require a contract between the participants or their special consent. It is known as an organization of parent company and subsidiaries.
The holding company is called the parent company and is the controlling company. May carry out its own manufacturing or commercial activity, but not necessarily.
The aim is for the parent company to build a network of other companies, which may even number hundreds. The holding company aims to participate in these companies or in their management in some form.
Holding company. Spec. A joint-stock company with shares that participates in another company or in its management.
A holding or holding company is a special form of capital pooling, an integrated company that does not engage in production activity, but uses its own funds to acquire controlling shares in other enterprises in order to coordinate its activities. Enterprises that are united in holdings have financial and legal independence, but the holding company has the right to decide key issues.
Thus, a holding company is a system of commercial organizations that includes a parent company that owns a controlling interest in other organizations that are subsidiaries of the parent company. The parent (managing) company can both perform production functions and engage directly in the management of the farm. A subsidiary will be considered an enterprise whose actions are regulated by a holding company due to the predominance of its share in the authorized capital or in accordance with the concluded agreement.

A joint-stock company (JSC) or a limited liability company (LLC) that aims to participate in any form in other companies or in their management, while at the same time being able to carry out its own production or business activity. The holding must necessarily participate with at least 25% of its capital in companies, and it must be contributed directly to them. The company in which the holding company participates with its capital is called a subsidiary.
For long-term projects, we wish to join forces with other companies in the form of a Holding Company. We await with interest your proposal for the creation of a Holding Company under a specific and long-term project, as well as a request to participate in an already established one.