Barter system?

How is barter good for business?

Barter system? What is the exchange of goods and services?
1. Barter is an economy. When you pay for advertising, goods or services with your goods or services, you will definitely save real money and start to increase your competitiveness and profits. Even if the production costs are higher, you do not need to allocate an additional budget. If the warehouse or your store is full of goods; sell and pay where you need at the moment with them through our platform.
2. Barter is a personal experience. Once you try or have already tried, you will have your own philosophy and approach.
3. Barter is an exchange in which goods or services are exchanged directly for other goods or services without the use of money. Yes, but through our platform you will have the opportunity through a complex barter or clearing commodity mechanism to exchange goods and services indirectly ,without the need to know your client and he must be close to you;
Register and try to sell something to a user, then transfer the received amount to your friend in London or just buy something from there, which our members from England offer with international delivery or the service is just virtual: advice, check, reservation, hotel or taxi when you arrive in London.

4. In commerce, barter is an exchange in which goods or services are exchanged directly for other goods or services without using money as a medium. Trade in most small societies is characterized by barter, or the exchange of products and services without the use of money. In times of monetary crises, such as when a currency is unstable (eg, inflation or a downward spiral) or unavailable for trade, barter often replaces money as a mechanism of exchange.

5. Clearing Barter is a way to exchange goods and services without using money. The more goods and services a person can offer, the better off they will be. With Clearing Barter, money is not the only thing that matters. Our platform & system allows people to get what they need in exchange for what they already have.
6. What is clearing in trade?
In trading, clearing is necessary because the transaction speed is much faster than the cycle time to complete the basic transaction and is not known to all participants in the sequential barter, but only to 1 or a group. (Complex barter, clearing barter )
Clearing in trade (from the word cleaning) makes it possible to clear the shortcomings of ordinary barter.
for example:
a) non-equal valuation (the famous exchange of a horse for a hen), and so on;
b) the first sender always risks that he will receive goods that are not equivalent in terms of price or quality;
c) In the case of barter, the value is not divisible; you give a bicycle, you ask for a taxi service or a haircut. In such a case, you have to either replace the bicycle, which is significantly more expensive than the service, or, in the best case, you will agree on a repeated service at the risk of being scammed. With the complex clearing barter, which our platform offers, you will receive the equivalent of your bicycle, and you will be able;
a)) divide the value into parts and pay in parts, and pay attention;
the seller of the good or service cannot use the funds received before you confirm that the transaction has taken place and you are satisfied; this ensures that the seller will try his best, naturally and so will you the next time you are in his shoes when selling your product or service. In the case of ordinary barter, no one can guarantee it; you give something and expect something at your own risk and fear.
b)) to buy more things, but at least to buy what you need, not what they offer you.
But if your goal is something more expensive than the bike, like a laptop, you'll just top up your balance with another good or service performed and top up the required amount on your balance; or maybe another laptop seller will agree to your price? the worst case for you, if you really want or are in a hurry, you will pay part of the price with real money. For this, just write that you are offering some amount in c&b euro and you will pay the rest in cash if you don't have anything left to sell. Don't forget , we can always buy you the goods or the service.. Not that we advise you, but we cannot prevent you from having a flexible commercial relationship with the seller or the buyer.
For this purpose, always check who is looking for what as goods and services in the search engine and take advantage to increase your income;