Our purpose and goal!
We are issuing our own CXBToken in order to fund the startup project online virtual Clearing House clearingandbarterhouse.eu  and its own virtual currency CXB EUR. Through the Clearing and Barter House you can invest with goods or services,acquires a token or bonds.

Through virtual CXB EURO, we will simultaneously provide and guarantee the value of the CXBToken  and increase their value multiple times in the short term.

The Clearing and Barter House Group model enables business owners to trade globally and transact using goods and services as payment rather than cash.

CXBToken is like an equivalent and made them full security to all.We actively use smart contract to secure our members  investments for different terms and conditions.. We plan to develop both online and offline presence by the end of 2024 in more than 150 countries through partnerships, franchising and opening branches with more 100 mlns turnover.

How do members of our platform earn money? By selling goods and services, they receive virtual clearing and bartering euros. This amount is recorded in their accounts and can be exchanged for our CXBToken (clearing excnange barter token) .
On the other hand, you can buy CXBToken  and get 100% bonus on website and then exchange them for token.

Investing in the purchase of CXBToken (clearing excnange barter token) and at the same time registering on the site brings you bonuses of up to 250% including CXB, CBXToken or their combination through the use of the platform or our own exchange center . To do this, you need to register on the site and follow the instructions to get the bonus, and then exchange the bonus for a token.

Through a plastic card or QR code via phone you can access your virtual CXB EUR and pay for online&offline services.
Through our exchange center you can exchange your CXB or CXBT to cash.

And you can also immediately use these tokens, including bonus tokens, in order to purchase goods or services, as well as invest in securities such as digital bonds and others secured primarily by real estate or new new perspectives like this:

In addition to direct purchases, you can put tokens into token stacking and receive profits in CXB, which you can also spend without restrictions on services or goods offered on our platform.

We aim to connect both individuals and businesses around the world by creating a platform that allows them to participate in trade without incurring additional service costs.
Through the Clearing & Barter House and Smart Contracts platform, we aim to eliminate security concerns and especially to guarantee transactions involving international financial transactions.
Companies and ordinary consumers using the Clearing and Barter House (CXB) digital currency save money, improve inventory management, optimize delivery times and expand their customer base with our exclusive network of new cashless partners.
Through the sale of unwanted or surplus goods or services, you can purchase new tokens every hour without waiting for the end of the pre-sale, which will increase their value and amount many times over.